Airport City v8.31.24 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Anti Ban)

“Airport games are a lot of fun, and Airport City is a lot more than just a city model or a tycoon game. It combines the fun parts of two different types of games in just the right amounts: the sense of excitement from airplane games and the need to plan ahead from city simulators. If you’re starting to think there’s more to life than farming, stop playing your farm sim and start building your town, which will grow into a city, then a megacity with a world-class modern airport. We know that plane games can get boring after a while, so we are always making changes to this city model to keep players interested both on the ground and in the air.
Airport City has something for everyone, whether you want to be an airline tycoon or a flight leader.
Build a current international-class terminal so that you can send an airplane to any place in the world. Just get your planes in the air and put them anywhere, from a small town far away to a big city with lots of lights. You can bring back rare items and unique collections to remind you of your trips. Check to see how many items you can fit in a plane.
But it’s not just a flight simulator. In an amazing airport game, you’ll also have to use your great management skills to build up all the supporting infrastructure. Take care of the whole city next to your airport to make sure it has all the services it needs.
If you want to play and connect with city building games in a calm way, this city simulator is just what you need. Here, you start with a small town and build it up into a big city.
You can form groups with other people to work on quests and compete in events together. Find another airline captain from a nearby city and play with them to make the game twice as fun. With regular updates that add new models of planes, buildings, and locations, the game will never stop being fun.
Download Airport City to see for yourself what makes this flight simulator stand out from other airplane games and city building games."

“Test your skills as an airplane captain, build your own airport, and start a collection of planes.
Play the part of the richest person in the world. Build a town, grow it into a unique megapolis that is different from all the others, and use the money you make to pay for the airport.
In a beautiful business game, you can enjoy running an international transportation hub with a lot of different buildings and places to go. Make your airport and megacity’s facilities better to get more people to visit.
Talk to other people who like city simulators, flying simulators, and airplane games as much as you do. Join forces with others and take part in special events. Be the well-known businessman you’ve always wanted to be!
Use your plane to see the world. Travel to your favorite places and bring home unique collections."

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