Airport Simulator: First Class v1.01.0901 MOD APK (Money, Unlocked all)

Airport Simulator comes from the same people who made Airlines Manager Tycoon. First Class is a game about planning, building, and running a business. As the CEO of an airport, your job is to build and set up the inside and outside, make deals with companies and run them, and keep track of how many people are using the airport and how happy they are with it.

The airport is like its own town. To get ready for your planes, you will need to build, set up, and update your airport.
Plan your plan and sign partnerships with a lot of airline companies. Manage your contracts and get to know people.
People are coming to you from the city! Manage the flow of passengers from the moment they arrive, giving them comfortable facilities and many places to shop. You’ll make them spend more money and make more money for yourself. Will they be happy with your work?
Control everything, including how many people are coming in, air traffic control, check-in desks, security checks, boarding gates, flight schedules, and people getting on planes.

Bring your airport to life and make it your own by adding things that you like.
Set up your airport’s infrastructure in a smart way. Build your terminals, including the apron, taxiway, runways, fuel stations, food production sites, check-in desks, security checks, boarding gates, passport control points, coffee shops, stores, and more. You can also choose from a wide range of things to decorate your airport!
Set up your airport to meet the needs of your passengers and improve your services to speed up processes, make more money, and make people more comfortable. This will have a ripple effect on your ties with other airlines. The airport is like a whole town that needs to be run.

Make a plan and manage your partnerships.
Plan your airport plan so that you have a good mix of cheap and expensive flights. Choose between regular and charter flights, short- and medium-haul planes, and the chance of opening general aviation routes.
Set the number of planes in your airport by making agreements with other people. Every time you sign a deal for more flights on top of what you already have, you get closer to the partner airline.
Build relationships: there will be a signature bonus for each trip. But be careful, because if you sign too many flights and can’t keep them, you could hurt your friendship with your partner and lose the contract.
Pick one of our 3D models of planes to meet your contractual responsibilities.
Set your schedule for the next 24 hours and plan fights up to 2 weeks ahead of time.

Your partnerships will be affected by how happy your clients are. If you want to impress planes, make sure your services, runways, flight schedules, fleet, and staff are all at their best.
Think about things like the number of check-ins and how often people are late. How many people were able to get on the plane?
Are you getting off the ground and arriving on time? Is your plane being late because of the state of your runway? Are your guests boarding and disembarking on time?
Have you planned your airport services (like refueling, food service, and moving bags) well? These services can cause the plan to be late. Was your plane filled with fuel on time? Did your catering company have enough cars to get food to all of the planes? Are the companies you work with happy with the services you’ve given them?

Now is your chance to build your airport and become the best airport CEO!

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