Alien Shooter 2 MOD APK v2.5.7 (Free Purchases, Free Skills) for android

The second part of the famous Alien Shooter game is now free to play on your Android.

Almost all of the games in the series share this way of playing. You have to figure out the story from the very beginning, when monsters started appearing in the MAGMA corporation’s secret base, and join a fight for the survival of humans around the world.With the help of people who have been with our hero for a long time, like General Baker, engineer Nicholas, a genius professor, and, of course, Kate Lia.

But most importantly, the game now has a social mode because players asked for it.
Upgrade your hero and your weapons, and test your skills against players from all over the world.

What the game has:

– The story mode has hours of game time
– There are a lot of maps for online fights.- The ability to improve and equip your character based on how you like to play
– There are a lot of weapons, from pistols to plasma guns.- Combat drones, grenades, first-aid kits, implants, and a lot of other
– The ability to play without being connected to the internet (offline mode).The best thing about it is that it’s a Sigma Team game:There are monsters all over the screen!- The dead enemies don’t go away; look at the work you’ve done when you beat a level!

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