AnimA ARPG MOD APK v3.1.0 (Free Shopping, MOD Menu) for android

The RPG you’ve always wanted to play is now available on Android smartphones.

Anima is a 2019 action RPG (hack-and-slash) video game made by RPG fans for RPG fans. It was inspired by the best old-school games and made with love by RPG fans.

Compared to other mobile ARPGs, Anima is very dynamic, and the player can fully create their character based on how they like to play, while keeping the charming style of the old classics.

Fight against bad guys wherever you want and win the single-player offline story, which has game difficulties that could go on forever.
Follow the plot or simply go on, slash enemies, loot items and improve your character!

THE BEST HACK-AND-SLASH MOBILE GAME OF 2020br>This great adventure has fast-paced fights, amazing special effects, and a dark, fantasy-like setting.
Go down into the abyss and look around. Kill the demons, beasts, dark knights, and other demons that live in over 40 levels, and then test your skills in an exciting boss fight. Explore different dark scenarios, discover hidden secrets and Explore unique locations!

– Good graphics for cell phones- Suggestive Dark dream environment
– Fast-paced Action
– 40+ different playing levels
– 10 hard games to test your skillsbr>- 10+ secret unique levels
– Boss fights that are fun
– Stunning soundtrack

TEST YOUR SKILLS AND CUSTOMIZE YOUR CHARACTERbr>You can choose to be good at Skirmish, Archery, or Sorcery, and the better multiclass system lets you try out new combinations. You can level up your character and learn powerful new skills through three skill trees:

– Raise your character’s level and give them points for traits and skills.
– Unlock more than 45 unique skills
– You can choose from three different areas of>- Use the Multi-class method to make unique combinations.LOOT POWERFUL LEGENDARY EQUIPMENT
Slash a horde of monsters or bet your gold on the gambler to find more powerful things and improve your gear with the upgrade and infuse systems. Deck out your gear with more than 8 different Gems that can be upgraded.

– Find more than 200 normal, magical, rare, and legendary things of different rarities.- Put on strong, legendary items with their own special powers.- Use the upgrade system to make your items stronger.- Put together two legendary things to make a new, powerful one.- There are 10 levels of rarity for each of the eight types of valuable gems.FREE TO PLAY IN EVERY WAYbr>You can play the game for free, but there are some in-app purchases you can make to unlock extra features and help support the development of this new Action RPG for Android!

We want AnimA to be one of the best Action RPGs on the store, so we’re always working on it and putting out new updates and new content from time to time. Also, keep in mind that we made it because we love it.

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