Annelids MOD APK v1.116.6 (Unlocked all Guns, Unlimited Coins)

Worms engage in combat in a subterranean world where nearly everything is susceptible to destruction.

• A wide variety of game modes, such as “Deathmatch,” “Team Deathmatch,” “Capture the Flag,” “Conquest,” “King of the Hill,” and many more.
• A game for one person only that can be played offline and features impressive artificial intelligence.
• Multiplayer activities that can be played over Bluetooth or the internet. There are player versus player (PvP) games as well as games with cooperative play. There is room for six players at once.
• Maps that are the result of a certain procedure.
• 68 missions, 17 maps, 33 unique weapons and 9 hidden ones.
• It is compatible with the MOGA controller as well as other bluetooth gamepads.

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