Battle Legion MOD APK v3.1.3 (MOD Menu, Unlimited Money, God Mode)

massive battles between 100 units – Construct an army and witness it fight inanely – Units and hides in abundance. never-ending joy Battle Legion places you in the position of an aspirant commander, and your legion advances as you do by scoring memorable victories.

Create and modify your army using dozens of distinctive units, including traditional blade and shield fighters, magical arcana, ancient technology, and mythical creatures. Give your soldiers the abilities that correspond to your strategy, then sit back and watch as they battle pitted enemy legions to the bitter finish.

– BITESIZED COMBAT: Fights last no more than 20 seconds.
– LAX GAMING: You design the army structure, and they handle the combat.
– AUTO-PLAY: As you go about your everyday activities, your legion continues to battle.
– COSMETICS: Define the aesthetics of your army, battleground, and flag.
– PLAYER BATTLES: Engage in combat with other players and study their tactics.
– POWER UP: Increase the effectiveness of your troops with cyclical powers.
– REFRESHING SEASONS: New material is added every two weeks, with the fourth Season ushering in a new Era.

Battle Legion has a vibrant Discord community with over 10K members where players debate winning tactics, advice, and game development with frequent participation from the game’s developers. Youtube hosts regular streams and group gatherings!


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