Battlefield Mobile v0.10.0 APK OBB (Full Game) for android

Your mobile device can now give you access to the all-out combat of the BattlefieldTM video game series. Prepare your team and take the lead in HD multiplayer first-person shooter action, superior teamplay, and destruction that redefines the genre in classic game modes such as Conquest, Rush, and Team Deathmatch. *DOWNLOAD FOR FREE!br>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>INVITE THE ENEMY TO THE BATTLEFIELDbr>- High-pressure, player-versus-player conflict in dramatic, large-scale battlesbr>- Take part in some of the spectacular explosions for which Battlefield is knownbr>br>- You can bury your foes under an endless quantity of rubble by using tanks, rocket launchers, and other>br>
Bring your team, and get ready to dominate the opposition in a variety of high-octane PVP scenarios. br>- Command and strategize with the help of user-friendly touch settings
– Get in your platoon vehicles and destroy the battlefield by causing widespread damage to the environment in order to gain the upper hand.BATTLE YOUR WAY
– You have the option of playing as an Assault, Engineer, Support, or Recon>br>As you get ready for all-out battle, you can construct your own unique loadout of weapons, class-specific gadgets, and other>br>- You can personalize your weaponry and gear by choosing from a wide selection of skins, camouflages, and other>br>UNPARALLELED DESTRUCTION
– Battlefield is the only mobile game that can offer you massive, destructible, and wartime environments in 3D, and it does so in a way that only Battlefield can.- Relive some of the bloodiest conflicts in human history on some of the most recognizable battlefields in the Battlefield series.- Take an original and imaginative approach to each conflict in order to pull off feats that can only be accomplished in>br>FACE OFF AGAINST OTHER PLAYERS IN EVENTS AND ACHIEVE MISSIONS
– Objectives to accomplish on a daily and weekly basis to ensure that the game is never boring
– New material that can be unlocked and enjoyed by>br>- Demonstrate your prowess in the field, and you’ll be rewarded with incredible>br>BattlefieldTM Mobile is ready for you to try right now.*In-app purchases are included in the price of the program.

Even after registering, you won’t necessarily have access to BattlefieldTM Mobile. Pre-release Feedback Agreement must be accepted in order to proceed. Must be 18+. Gameplay progress, achievements, characters, character data, and/or any other value or status indicators attained during the Alpha phase may be reset occasionally and will not transfer to the World-wide launch version of the game. Due to the fact that Battlefield Mobile Alpha is pre-release software, it is possible that it will contain errors or other defects. Additionally, it is supplied “as is” and does not come with any kind of express or implied warranty.

Reference to a specific make, model, manufacturer, and/or version of a weapon, gear, or vehicle is made solely for the purpose of maintaining historical accuracy and does not indicate any sponsorship from or endorsement by the proprietor of any trademark.

Acceptance of Electronic Arts’s Privacy and Cookie Policy as well as the User Agreement is necessary to use this program. Requires a continuous internet connection (network fees may apply). Includes advertisements played within the game. Collects information through the use of statistics and ad serving technology provided by a third party. (see Privacy & Cookie Policy for details). Provides players with the ability to communicate with one another through in-game chat, audio chat, and inboxing between players. To turn this feature off, open the player’s settings menu and look for the private controls. Contains straight links to the internet and social networking sites that are geared toward an audience that is older than 13 years old. Google Play Game Services are utilized by the application. Before installing the game, you should log out of Google Play Game Services if you don’t want your gameplay to be shared with your contacts.

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