Best Fiends MOD APK v11.5.2 (Unlimited Money and Gems)

Best Fiends lets you lead a group of cute creature heroes through thousands of fun tasks in the amazing world of Minutia.

You can beat Slugs at every turn by matching and solving thousands of fun tasks. Kill monsters and solve tricky puzzles to get closer and closer to Mount Boom. This cute matching game has over 6,000 easy-to-play but hard-to-master stages. Match 3 taken to the next level: draw lines over things that match to make epic combos and get fun rewards.

You can collect more than 50 cute figures, each of which has its own special ability. To make your characters even better in fight, you can level them up and change them over time. In the fun and original BEST FRIENDS game, you can change the order of your heroes and match their skills to beat the bad guys as you explore the magical world of Minutia.

STORY: The little creatures of Minutia lived in peace and unity until a meteor hit Mount Boom and released a strange force that turned the Slugs who lived there into an army of greedy, plant-eating pests. They are eating their way through Minutia and making everything they touch slimy. Start an exciting quest to figure out what’s going on at Mount Boom.

Be the story’s HERO!


Match 3 Puzzle Adventure:
– An exciting story is made up of a puzzle game and a journey.
– It’s a match-3 game with a twist: draw lines over things that match to make combos last longer.
Matching is easy to understand, and the game is simple to play, but it takes planning to get good at it.
– Puzzles galore! Have fun as you solve over 6,000 rounds!

Collect Cute Characters: – There are over 50 characters to collect, from Brittle the worried housefly to Karma the colorblind chameleon.
– Gather the cute Fiends of Minutia to make a powerful group of heroes.
– Putting creatures on a team that go well together can help you do more damage overall in each level.
– Raise each character’s level, make them stronger, and let them grow to make a cute, powerful team of Fiends.
– Beat each level by matching skills and special powers!

Blast Through Events: – With Daily Events, you can get prizes every time you open the game.
– Compete with your Facebook friends to win a lot of money!
– Keep an eye out for updates that will add new levels, personalities, and surprises.

To get to Mount Boom, they’ll have to become… the BEST FRIENDS!

— PLEASE NOTE! There are in-app payments in Best Fiends. You can turn this off by turning off in-app payments in the settings of your device.

Best Fiends is for people aged 18 and up. You don’t have to pay to download and play Best Fiends, but you can use real money to buy virtual things inside the game. In-app payments can be turned off in your device’s settings. There may also be ads in Best Friends. To play Best Fiends and use its social functions, you may need to be connected to the internet. You can also find out more about how Best Fiends works, how it works with other apps, and how it works with other apps in the app shop and in the description above.

By downloading this game, you agree to receive changes as they are posted on your app store or social network. You don’t have to update this game, but if you don’t, it might not work as well or have as many features.


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