Black Desert Mobile v4.6.77 MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited Money)

The First Twin Classes in Black Desert will be called “Maegu”; sign up for details.

The renowned MMORPG “Black Desert Mobile”​
Are you a combat- and adventure-loving MMORPG player?​
There are 40 million players of the global MMORPG “Black Desert” globally.​
Discover what a true smartphone MMORPG is.​
We cordially welcome you to enter the world of Black Desert Mobile and embark on the journey of a lifetime.​

[Features of the Black Desert Mobile]​

The Black Desert Story​
In order to discover the truth about the ancients, an adventurer who has lost all memory stands in the middle of a continent. Start your quest to learn the world’s reality.​
Find out more about the universe and write your own tale.Incredible Mobile Graphics & Heart-pounding ActionExperience innovative fighting techniques and immersive graphics.Enjoy an action-packed, satisfying battle experience while playing.My Own Personal Camp and Life SkillsAs you run your own camp, you can also take part in bartering, fishing, alchemy, gathering, and other activities.​

Create the persona of your desires.Utilize the special personalization features of Black Desert Mobile to alter your character.​

Contents of PVPbr>To experience the PvP content, Siege Wars, and Node Wars, join a guild!​
Together with your guildmates, triumph!​
Additionally, you can engage in captivating live 1 vs. 1 battles with other Adventurers.​

To the Black Desert Mobile Adventurers setting out on their arduous journey:You may experience difficulties on your journey and have to work hard to get past them at times.​
But as you accomplish each quest, I’m confident you’ll find yourself enjoying the adventure.​
Start your adventure in the fantasy MMORPG!​

[Official Black Desert Mobile Website]Visit this website:​

[Requirements for Minimum RAM]3 gigabytes.​
Access to Apps​
To provide the following features while you use the app, we need your permission.​
(Possible Permissions)​
Storage: Having access to storage is necessary to upload photos and publish messages in forums.Changes to Permissions​
Android 6.0 and up: Select Permission Settings > Permissions > Set to Allow or Deny in Settings > Apps.​
Android 6.0 and below: To modify settings, upgrade the operating system, or remove the application​
It’s possible that the app won’t offer any other methods to modify permissions, but the aforementioned technique can always be used.​
If the operating system is older than Android 6.0, you are unable to modify the permission options for specific apps. Upgrading to 6.0 or later is advised.​
If you refuse approval for necessary access, it might disrupt resources or prevent you from logging into the game.

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