Blue Monster Rope Game Mod APK 1.17 (Unlimited money, gems)

When you play the Hedgehog Rope Game, you can watch the heroes swing through the Gangster city like never before. The graphics are top-notch and very smooth.

The main things about the Hedgehog Rope Game are:- The Hedgehog Rope Game stops car thieves, mob gangsters, and terrorists from causing trouble in Gangster Crime City.- Mafia gangster crime city with detailed settings and different points of view.- City rope adventure in a gangster city to discover the grand crime city.- Hedgehog Rope stories, including one about a hero who flies on a rope.- Hedgehog Rope Game is a future crime story set in a big city.- Hedgehog jumps high so he can cover more ground on rope hero.- There are Hedgehog Rope Game stories in the Big City of Crime.- Mafia gangsters’ web in Gangster Crime City is too big to handle.- Playing the Hedgehog rope game lets you play with more Hero suits.Heroes from the Flying Hedgehog Rope Game are fighting for you. You are everyone’s hope, and they call you “my unique Hedgehog rope hero.” Show some supervillain stealthy action to save your future grand city and keep it safe.With your flying strategies in this hedgehog rope hero alliance fight, no one can beat you in this grand crime city.

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