Bobble Keyboard Mod APK (Without watermark)

The brand-new Bobble AI Keyboard will make your conversations more fun and interesting. There are no upgrades or in-app payments for Bobble Keyboard, so it is free to use.
With Bobble Stickers Keyboard, you’ll never have a dull conversation.

Bobble Keyboard has everything you’ve ever wanted from a keyboard: Live Cricket Score, POP Text, YouMoji, BigMoji, stickers, GIFs, Fonts, and Themes.
Speed, dependability, glide typing, typing with your voice, and a lot more!

Bobble’s Sticker Keyboard turns your picture into an amazing, personalized cartoon bobble head and lets you share stickers and gifs that include your bobble head. You can also send big emojis on WhatsApp by using the Bobble Keyboard.

BigMoji, Shayaris, Jokes, and a lot more…
• You can now send BigMojis to make your chats even more fun.
• Press and hold on an emoji in the emoji row to send it as a sticker.
• New jokes, sayings, quotes, and more are added every day for you to share with your friends.
• Go to the Font area to see all of the new answers.
• With Bobble Keyboard, you can use these new features on your social media to impress your friends and family. (Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat)

Awesome Features in Bobble AI Keyboard: • We’ve added a lot of emojis (smileys/emoticons) to this keyboard; • Bobble AI Keyboard uses artificial intelligence to automatically predict Emojis, Memes, Stickers, and GIFs; • Glide Typing lets you move your finger from letter to letter to type faster; • Voice Typing lets you speak the text and let Bobble write it; • Word Correction lets you know when you’ve made a
Cool Fonts: You can also make your text bold, italic, underline, or strikethrough. Keyboard Photo Themes: You can use your best photos or colors as the background of your keyboard.

With the Bobble Stickers Keyboard, you can make your own content. There are funny stickers and GIFs, and you can get stickers and GIFs by typing in your own language. You can make a theme with your own picture or choose one of many pre-made ones.

★ Pro Tips (With Bobble AI Keyboard, text like a pro)
• As you type, it learns: No need to add words to your own library by hand. If you type a word once, the next time you can either glide type it or find it in a list of options. Bobble will keep track of it for you.
• Choose a theme with key borders or without them
• Swipe to switch between the number row and the character row.

This keyboard helps you enjoy every holiday and special event by giving you a pack of stickers and gifs for that event. We change our stickers and GIFs for every holiday so that you can share them and enjoy every holiday in the coolest way.

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• No personal information or credit card information is recorded by our AI keyboard. Android shows a normal warning for all keyboards you download.
• For better predictions, only the words you wrote are saved in local dictionaries.

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