Call of Duty: Mobile v1.6.37 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, MOD Menu)

1. Crossroad is a new area
2. Escort and Quick Strike are two new ways to play BR
3. LAPA is a new weapon.
4. New BR Vehicle: Hover Bike
5. New Operator Skill: Ballista EM3
6. Making weapons work better
7. Left-handed Tactical is a new feature. (MP Only)

In Call of Duty: Mobile Season 10: World Class, you can fight as you take the field for the final showdown. This is in honor of the game’s third anniversary.

[New Area: Intersection]
Crossroads, an old Call of Duty (COD) map, will be added to the list of maps. In this snowy field, players can fight in a fast-paced way.

LAPA is a new weapon.
A submachine gun that is accurate and does damage reliably, but the bullets move slowly. Use the add-ons to change the speed and power of its bullets.

[Escort and Quick Strike: New Battle Royale (BR) Gameplay]
There are two rounds in this game. Players will either be on the team that attacks or the team that defends. The team that is defending must stop the team that is attacking from taking the Truck to its location. The winner will be the team that gets to the destination with the most escort tasks.

The new vehicle in Battle Royale is a hover bike.
A vehicle for one person that can fly over land and water. With this new vehicle, you can move around easily in the Battle Royale arena.

[New Operator Skill: Ballista EM3]
A laser tool with a lot of power to go through things. Can figure out where enemies are by figuring out where they’re going and do lethal damage by gathering power.

[Weapon Optimization]: Added a Screen Vibration tool to make the game clearer and sharper, and made Hipfire and ADS Fire work better.

When firing constantly, the performance and animation have been improved. Optimized the vibration of the Optical Sight when shooting steadily to improve the gaming experience.

Left-handed Tactical is a new feature.
The left hand can be used to throw things instead of moving weapons. (MP only).

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