CarX Drift Racing 2 v1.25.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Unlocked, Menu)

Fans all over the world have already downloaded more than 100,000,000 CarX games. It’s time for you to join!

WATCH OUT for the risk of addiction! You might not want to stop and play for a long time. It’s a good idea to take a short break every 40 minutes.

NEW GAME MODE: ONLINE ROOMS – The game mode you’ve been waiting for! You can now drift with your friends in real time. Meet up, choose a place to drift, and gain points.
Earn valuable prizes as you move up the ranks.
– Use the drone camera to watch other players drift.

VISUAL AUTO TUNING: – Change mirrors, lights, running boards, bumpers, and many other parts; – Give your car a unique look with body kits, wheels, etc.; – Change the color of your car’s paint; Use vinyls to stand out, and the only limit to what you can do with them is your ideas.

IMPROVED PERFORMANCE TUNING: Adjust your chassis, springs, tyre air pressure, wheel angle, and more; Tune the engine, turbine pressure, gear box, brakes, and locking differential. You can only slide well if your car is perfectly set up for your needs.

THE MOST REALISTIC RACING ON A MOBILE DEVICE – Check out the new and better steering control, which is great for making quick turns to the side, going backwards, and doing drift donuts. We’ve put in more than 1000 hours of work to make the changes; – Check out how tire pressure changes the way a car drives. We used real drift cars in a number of field tests to collect and analyze telemetric data, which will help us make better games. Gain experience driving muscle cars to get ready for drifting jobs; – Check out how realistic the car’s steering and control are on road, sand, grass, and snow. Drive like you would in real life on detailed tracks.

XDS: You’ll have to race twice. The first time you race in a tandem drift, you’ll be the leader. The second time, you’ll be the follower, but you’ll be following yourself.
– The CarX XDS Evaluation System, which has 100 score points, is used for the first time to judge tandem drifting in video games. The CarX XDS Evaluation method is based on the professional method used to judge drift competitions in the real world.
– The XDS mode is a great place to practice tandem drifting because it lets both the Leader and the Follower quickly switch cars, try out different tire pressures and driving paths for the Leader, and then go right into learning the Follower’s role.
– With XDS, you can get ready to race against live people.

TOP-32: Sign up, practice, and make it through qualifying to race against the best drifters in the world.
– Win each round of the game to move up the bracket and become the winner.
– Get valuable prizes after each round of the competition.

Compete against real people in online championships; win first place in the available league; race in tandems and get access to premium cars.

Start your own club or join one that already exists;
Show your friends that you are the best at car sliding;
Talk to other players and club members and share info about the game.

SINGLEPLAYER: Win race cups to get play money; You can drive more than 65 sports cars and go on new tracks. Use the “Ghost” mode to get better.

CarX Drift Racing 2 lets you drive real sports cars on one of the game’s many race tracks in a way that has never been done before. If you like side sliding, get ready to dive into the game and spend hours having fun with it.
Pull the hand stop to skid; make designs with your burning tires on the asphalt;
Use your car to its fullest and fill the air with smoke.

KEEP IN MIND: All the play-cash you earn and all the cars and tracks you buy are saved in your record. Make sure you have a stable internet connection to play games.
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