Chapters v6.4.2 MOD APK (Unlocked All/Unlimited Tickets/Premium Choices)

Chapters is an interactive story game where you can choose your own way in each story. Read pages and pages of fun, interactive stories, from romance to mystery, that fit your mood.

Choose your favorite story from our best romance, contract marriage, second chance, pirates, alpha wolf, isekai, reality TV, reverse harem, sci-fi, comedy, and drama series! Chapters is a unique choose-your-own-story game that also has fantasy stories from our best writers that you can’t stop reading!

In each story, YOU get to decide what to do. Choose hard things to do in life, like falling in love, finding secrets, or solving deep questions. Choose wisely, because every story has a different finish!

Parts of a Chapter:

– Pick your own story! Jump in and start making decisions that will change the way your story ends!

– The first step in an adventure is picking a name and style that show who you are.

– All of the stories have information from the author!

– Think outside the box and put out your own engaging stories:

Some of the games in our exclusive collection of choose-your-own-story games are:

A new, hit original story made for Chapters that everyone is talking about! I am the slave of the Dragon King.

You, a human, have a secret mark that makes you a dragon’s mate for life. The Dragon King, not just any dragon. People only talk about this man’s dark beauty and lethal power. Will this mark be the end of you? Or will it reveal a secret that could make everything different?

Big Bad Husband, Please Wake Up! takes us on an exciting ride. Now a LIVE-ACTION miniseries with the same name has been made.

In order to save your father’s life, you have to marry the rich and famous Wayne Lyons. You sold yourself to the Lyons family for a hefty sum of five million dollars and promised to give them a child. There’s only one problem… Wayne Lyons is in a deep sleep.
What are you going to do next?!

Chapters: Interactive Stories will give choose-your-own-adventure stories a new and fun twist. You’ll love making choices in this interactive story game, whether you’re a fan of drama, comedy, contract marriage, second chances, dragon king, pirates, alpha wolf, isekai, reality TV dating, reverse harem, sci-fi, romance, or even gaming.

Get Chapters today to find out about the amazing stories where YOU get to make the important decisions.

Chapters: Interactive Stories is a web game that can only be played if you are connected to the internet.

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