Citampi Stories v1.75.023r MOD APK (Money, Gems, Unlocked, No Ads)

You chose to move to the town of Citampi to find happiness and pay off your parents’ debt. But you also found a lot more than that! In this pixel art/anime game, you play as a character and try to find out their unique and love story.

In this relationship RPG, you can get to know seven beautiful girls and win their hearts. Ask that special cartoon girl to be your bride, wife, and mother of your child, and then marry her.

There’s a lot to do! Find different quirky jobs, In these virtual life games, you can grow fruits and vegetables in your mini-farm or yard, find things to scavenge, take in an animal as a pet, find treasures, catch fish, and make things. In this story simulation, you have to find all of the stories and episodes for your character and everyone else in Citampi. Find out about the unique lives and personalities of each character as you get to know them and help them go about their daily lives.

Have children! In this love for life story, the romance didn’t end when the couple got married. Do jobs to make things better with your family. While your wife is pregnant, you should bring her fish and veggies. Buy her a bunch of play clothes to keep her happy. Don’t forget to pay your bills so you don’t lose power. In this roleplay story, you can find out what it’s like to be single, in a relationship, and to have a family.

Raise your child! Do different things as the baby, child, and healthy boy or girl grow up. Play tag with the child while you feed it, hunt for things the child needs, and help the delivery guy find your house if he gets lost. Show him or her how to help you with your work!

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