City of Crime: Gang Wars v1.1.8 MOD APK (Unlimited all) for android

An innovative gangster tactics mobile game! Call your brothers and see what it’s like to fight people from all over the world.

Fight in real time and use methods to get the upper hand!
Fight enemies over their territory and end fights between foes!
Everyone in the world uses the same computer. Be the best, be the world’s king!

Features: “Cool cars, hot girls, and so many guns that an army would blush.”
Experience a real life in the underground that will have you clubbing with hot girls, taking over rival turfs, fighting with your brothers, and driving a sports car through the city!

“Build a high-resolution city without any limits.”
Build your city any way you want! From big buildings to interesting people, your city can be the most beautiful place to look at in 4K graphics.

“Battles in real time with a focus on strategies.”
Fight like a thug on the street in real time! Use your Enforcers, Gunners, and Bikers to wipe your enemies off the map.

One computer for the whole world. Who will be in charge of the whole planet?☆☆☆
Talk to people from all over the world, no matter where they are from or what language they speak. Power is the most common phrase in the world, and only someone with power can be the Boss.

“AI calculations in real time that simulate the real world.”
Fight for territories during the day and go out to bars and clubs at night. You decide how to spend your time during each day and night.

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