Craft of Survival MOD APK v4.8 (Menu, Durability, One Hit, God Mode)

Craft of Survival: Immortal Gladiators & Last Grim Adventure is a new free-to-play roguelike mobile game set in the world of dark fantasy wasteland simulator. In this 3D roguelike action RPG, you have to stay alive in a dangerous, wild world. Today is the right time to go to war against wild zombies and old rules.
Enter a world full of heroes and adventures, hordes of zombies, heartless thieves, the mysterious Arena, hungry frost monsters born of the wild wasteland, and the mysterious Rift, which shattered the earth and destroyed a once-proud and prosperous Empire. As a survivor, it’s up to you to find out the dark secrets of the Rift by exploring the Shattered Coast area at the beginning of the New Era.


Dive into an exciting multiplayer Action RPG with a focus on crafting and building, as well as a no-target fighting system that will be a fun challenge for players of all skill levels. Find a plan that works for you, survivor. In this roguelike strategy game, you will fight a lot of fights.

– Go after a wide range of enemies in dozens of 3D places in the game.
– Go into caverns and fight different kinds of enemies!
– Fight strong bosses with your friends in online raids, or try to beat them alone like an exile.
– Stay alive until the end! In the online PvP Battle Arena, you can come up with your own unique plan and fight against other people.


Choose one of the playable races and set out to conquer the Shattered Coast frontier as a strong immortal by building your future, fighting in Arena games, and making your own rules on this war-torn world.

Your death is the last thing you remember. Now you’ll have to find out what makes your soul immortal.
Visit amazing 3D places like a frozen wasteland and war-torn ruins, as well as dark woods full of zombies.

Are you a state-born hero, a fighter, or a shady, bloodthirsty monster in exile? Feel free to write your own “Saga of the Dawn,” and maybe one day you’ll become a hero by taking over the Shattered Coast frontier at the Dawn of a New Era.


Map out the wide areas on the edge of the Shattered Coast. As you travel through the fantasy wasteland, which is full of risks and new things to find, you will face hard times. In the Shattered Coast wilderness, every path and move you take could lead to a task, a quest, or a reward. Feel free to look around at the Dawn of a New Era, a grim online fantasy world. Visit Frost Wasteland, Dark Forest, or be one of the first heroes to take a sturdy raft and map out the strange earth in the ocean. Who are you going to meet today? The scariest zombie on earth could be a ferocious wolf or a poison zombie lord. Or “El Diablo,” a cruel exile without a soul who is the right hand of the boss of the Black Frost gang. Or maybe you were born to be a genius at Arena games. Check out every part of this RPG.


Make sure you can stay alive in a harsh mobile game world. Conquer the wild day and night, hunt fantasy animals, or kill others with zero tolerance to steal their goods. After all, your life and safety are the most important things.

Don’t forget that you’re not a lone survivor or an exile who has to fight your fights on their own. In this grim crafting game, you and other heroes in your clan must work together to stay alive.

Start with a small house and work your way up to a thriving village by farming, making things, and building your own village. In this coop crafting game, you can find wise mages, clever inventors, strong soul war heroes, and others who will follow your rules and help you.

Join the beta test of this fun low-mb io game now and get special prizes when it comes out. This action RPG is not to be missed! But keep in mind that these kinds of games are not played offline!
Craft of Survival: Immortal Gladiators & Last Grim Adventure is a free-to-play mobile roguelike game you’ve been waiting to play online.

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