Critical Strike CS v11.831 MOD APK (MOD Menu, Unlimited Money)

Critical Strike is a current FPS counter-terrorist game with a fast pace.
Do you like the good old fights against terrorists? Enjoy online guns and gun games with more than one player? There is a real-time 3D first-person shooter that is the best.Take your place in the front line on the Critical Strike fight!

Play with your friends, and you’ll love the group PvP shooting experience on your mobile device. Show off your skills against people from all over the world.

Fight against real people from all over the world in different game modes. Matchmaking takes 10 seconds, and fights last less than 4 minutes.

Modern graphics of AAA quality, and the tools are easy to use!
8 or more maps to try out different strategies!
★ 40+ Weapons: pistols, snipers, assault weapons, shotguns, grenades!
5+ combat game modes that you can play with your friends and people from around the world.
250+ Skins with Unique Designs: AK47 Flash, AWP Comic Boom, Golden Eagle…Even on weak devices, the tuning is perfect!
Clan: Make your own clan and ask your friends to play with you!
League: Win prizes and move up to the next league as you go.
Global Chat is a way to talk to your friends and other people.
Arms Race Events have new themes and prizes with each update, like for Halloween, Christmas, Easter, etc.
Team Deathmatch and Team vs. Team fight (counter-terrorist team vs. terrorist team) are two game modes.”Everyone is welcome” It's kill or be killed. Kill as many of the other players as you can.
The bomb is set up by a group of terrorists. Defuse the bomb, counter team.
Tournament of Arms Race You can use any tool for FREE. Mode of the game that lets you play against your opponents.
Private room: Play with your friends in the same room by calling them.

Talk to your friends and other people who are playing.
The 3D images and sounds are great, and the game is a great fit for New Action Games.★★★
Up to 5vs5 online PvP battle mode with up to 5 players, fair fight!★★★
✪ Use less cell data in real-time matches.★★★
“TOP 10 Online PvP FPS Gun Games!”There are a lot of teams for counter (SWAT,GIGN,Spetsnaz,Seal…)★★★There are many terrorist groups (Anarchists, Gangsters, Balkans, etc.).
Critical Strike will keep you busy because it has the best images of any 3D First Person Shooter game this year.
If you die, don’t forget where you were hit so you can come back and get even.
Join the fight in the portable FPS with the most skill-based fighting!If you’ve always wanted to play a great multiplayer game on your phone or tablet, now you can.
This free online FPS game has better images and sounds that are fun to listen to.
Are you ready to hit enemies back?
Awesome FPS CS game with multiple players GO!
First-person shooter and group shooting game made with Unity to improve the online FPS gun experience.
Get to the top of the CS leaderboards around the world.
There will be regular changes and new features added to the game.

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