Darkrise MOD APK v0.15.11 (Unlimited Money, Skill No CD, Menu)

Darkrise is a classic hardcore game made in a nostalgic pixel style by two independent creators.

In this action role-playing game, you can get to know Alice, Godric, and Kira. Each one has skills, game mechanics, and traits that are different from the others.

The heroes’ home country was taken over by undead animals and demons. Now they have to get stronger and get rid of all the attackers in their country.

There are 20 places to play and 3 ways to play. Enemies will appear in front of you or through openings that appear randomly every few seconds in different places. Every enemy is different and has its own traits. Sometimes, broken enemies will show up. Their stats are random, and you can’t predict how powerful they will be. That’s why Darkrise is always fun to play.

The fighting system is pretty fun: the camera shakes when you hit something, your health drops with an animation, and things you drop fly to the sides. Your figure and enemies move quickly, so you always have to be on the move or you’ll lose.

There are many ways to make your character more powerful. Equipment comes in 8 types and 6 rarities. You can make slots in your armor and put gems there. You can also mix several of the same kind of gems to make one that is better. The town’s blacksmith will gladly improve and re-shape your armor, making it even better.

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