Dr. Wolf: Learn Chess v1.33 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Meet Dr. Wolf, who is the best chess teacher and friend. As you play chess with Dr. Wolf, he will explain everything step by step, give you tips on strategy, and let you know when you make a mistake.

No matter how good you are at chess or how far you want to go, Dr. Wolf is the best way to learn and improve. Remember, even grandmasters were once students.

What’s important:
• Getting help during a game is the best way to learn.• Hints that come in handy just when you need them.• Learning from past mistakes until they are no longer a problem.• Over 30 thorough lessons for all skill levels
• 4 unique coaches to choose from
• Good for both new and experienced players.• He is kind, patient, and funny!

Dr. Wolf will give you free coaching for 3 games of chess so you can see how he teaches while playing. Then, if you want to keep learning, you can join Coaching. With Coaching, Dr. Wolf shows you how to play chess while you do it. He points out good and bad moves, both yours and his, and explains why they are good or bad. He will sometimes gently tell you to think about a move again or ask you a question at a crucial time. You also get unlimited tips, unlimited undos, and unlimited access to our Lesson Library, which has over thirty lessons written in Dr. Wolf’s unique style.

Dr. Wolf will always play with you, whether you pay or not. He likes chess too much to pass up a chance to play.

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