Dragon Mania Legends MOD APK v7.2.0e (Unlimited Coins and Gems)

Welcome to Dragolandia, a secret island where hundreds of Dragons live and where lots of exciting things happen all the time. Do you think you have what it takes to train dragons?
Go to a place where dragons live. In a magical world, you can make a team of legendary dragons and breed and train them to learn how to use their powers in fights on different islands and worlds.
Dragon Mania Legends is a game for the whole family that lets you play as a dragon. Build a city for dragons, join and collect different kinds of dragons, and get dragon pets. In this animal fantasy game, you fight and clash with other monsters.



Take part in fights with mythical animals and dragons.


Play different minigames with your magic pets: feed them, cuddle them, and take care of them to get extra gold and prizes that will help your team. Send your dragons to the magic school to learn new skills and powers.
Build and decorate your own buildings and decorations for your dream city islands. Updates add new dragons and events that only happen for a short time.



Start your pet dragon collection


Dragons need love, too. Try different combinations to open new species, hatch your cute baby dragons, and see what hatches.
You’ll never run out of great dragon friends because there are hundreds of different kinds. You can breed dragons, improve them, and make new, rare dragons. Learn to control all the elements and skills.



There are many online adventures going on all the time.


Explore our animal dream land with your pet dragons. With DML magic, you can move up in groups, levels, and islands.
Get your town back from the Vikings and make a place for your dragons to live. Get new characters and make up your own story.
Events that change with the seasons, new material, weapons, and special quests. In this simulation for teaching monsters, you can turn each dragon into a legendary fighting hero.



Level up your dragons and grow your collection


Missions are important to improve your dragon collection. You can play and move through levels, islands, and worlds. Complete tasks. Go through magical portals, catch rare monsters, and combine dragons.
Every time you fight, your pets will get better at fighting. This will help you take back the land from the bad Vikings. Gather materials for magic and combine different breeds and elements to make them stronger. Set up your team and go to the Arena to face off against the monsters of your opponents. Become the best dragon trainer and get rewards and tools from battles.



Battle for dragons


In this magic animal army game, you can send your dragons to the Academy to learn how to fight better and how to use special monster attacks and strategies.
Train your dragon pets to fight, level up their abilities, teach them new skills at the dragon school, and raise them to become legendary fighters. Change dragons into animal heroes by combining their best skills and elements.



Dragon clan partnerships have a lot of power.


You can make friends in Dragon Mania Legends, visit their pet islands, and trade gifts with them. Connect with other dragons, improve your skills, and use the Clan online chat to plan the best team strategy or just talk about what you and your pets have been up to.

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