Dream Hospital MOD APK v2.2.32 (Unlimited Money/Free Shopping)

Join the board of the city multispecialty hospital and medical center and become a hospital mogul. We’d like to welcome YOU as the new manager of health care in this hospital game. Plan, manage, and organize the work of our hospital staff to become a professional manager and the clinic’s star doctor.
The doors to our building are always open. The emergency room of a hospital needs to be ready for anything, no matter what time it is. This is a real hospital training game. Hire the best medical staff and handle the money for the health care areas to become the best manager. To make sure the quality of your hospital service, you should provide life-saving care, invest in complex medical equipment, find cures, and handle business problems and health compliance. This is a real example of medical management, and the choices you make will affect the whole health care system.Dream Hospital lets you:
Build real rooms for care, diagnosis, and emergencies
Research on health, new medicines, and new ways to perform operations.Choose from different furniture, decorations, and paints to decorate your hospital and make it look nice.Make different medicines and cures for illnesses and accidents, just like in the best doctor and health games.Get a good name by making a plan and helping sick people get better with the best staff and medical tools.Heal every illness and damage at the surgery operation room or deploy other treatments
Take part in online events and compete with other hospitals in the city to be the best clinic and win great prizes.Send your ambulances out to help more people get better. For very important people, you can even use a chopper!In the best free hospital simulation game, you can build care rooms and try to be the best hospital manager. Hire doctors and nurses, and think carefully about who you want to work in your hospital, so you can give sick people the best care and medicine. Take care of your hospital and keep it clean by managing the handymen who work there. Make hard choices, choose treatments, and find cures.
Hospital-themed management game
Design your health center with a plan to make it bigger and make it the best hospital ever! Imagine that you are a real boss. Think like you’re not just playing a doctor game, but running a real hospital with real staff and management problems. Hire the best doctors, make the best medicines, and get the best medical tools to help people in pain. Help people with bacterial and viral infections, injuries, and high fevers. You might also do study on new medicines for the heart. Change the colors, furniture, and decorations in your hospital to make it your own!
Build advanced medical tools, x-ray machines, and emergency rooms in your health center to make it a full place for sick people to get medical care. Choose the best doctors, nurses, and other medical staff. Only the best people will work in your office. Give your customers the most comfort and the best care you can.
Send out your ambulance for situations and bring special patients to your hospital. Run the tests to figure out what’s wrong, let the expert do the hard surgeries, and have the nurse treat the patient’s illness with pills and medicine. The most important things are care and mending!
You can fight with other players in your city in this business simulation management game with a hospital theme. In this hospital-building game, you can try to be the best. Plan your strategy and build the most efficient, beautiful, and pleasant health center in the city to get the best image as a manager!Some things in Dream Hospital can be bought with real money, but playing the game is free.

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