Drift Max Pro v2.5.22 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, All Unlocked)

The people who made the famous drift racing game Drift Max have made a new drifting game that is even better.

Drift Max Pro has been shown around the world many times and gives you an amazing drifting experience.

THE ULTIMATE REAL RACING SIMULATOR: Realistic drifting physics and next-generation drift racing images
– Drive around beautiful places like Tokyo, Japan, and New York. Red Square is in Brooklyn, which is in the US. Moscow, Russia, at night or during the day.
– You can get inside each car and use the seat to drive your drift racing car.
– Try to be the fastest person on the road! Race against friends and people from all over the world to win and become a real hero.
– Extreme changes can be added to the car you use for drift racing.

NOTE: Drift Max Pro is a free game that doesn’t need to be connected to the internet after it’s installed. All hail offline games!

Silver Crate: 98 percent Modification Card, 2 percent Car Card Gold Crate: 78 percent Modification Card, 22 percent Car Card

WARNING: Drift Max Pro does not have a tool that automatically saves to the cloud yet. If you don’t save your progress, you might lose all of your game progress and any in-app purchases when you delete the game.



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