Drive Zone Online v0.5.1 MOD APK (No Ads, Money, Menu) for android

Drive Zone Online is a simulation game about driving a car. Burn your tires on the ground and discover “Grand Car Parking City” and the world around it. You can take part in street racing, slide racing, drag racing, or drive around the city with a friend.Endless, wide-open world-Resort shoreline that is 20 km by 20 km.-City, airport in the desert, racetrack, highway, beach area, port, and many other places.-Up to 32 people can play online with youbr>-The map shows tens of kilometers of roads and hundreds of secret bonuses.Auto and tuning
50 or more cars, including old ones, supercars, SUVs, and hypercars.Each car has 30 or more body kits. Wheels, bumpers, skirts, body kits, and different paint jobs.-A free vinyl designer that lets you make your own skin in any way you want.-Adjustments to the vehicle’s suspension and balance to make it handle better and look better.-The engine and gearbox are pumped, which will help you beat your opponents. -Each car has a well-designed interior and engine, and all the doors, hood, and trunk are open! -Great graphics.-DZO’s pictures are the coolest picture in a mobile phone game because they are so real.-The car’s interior is very detailed, so you can play in first person with a lot of excitement.-High performance lets you play not only on powerful devices, but also on less powerful ones.-The advanced choices for graphics will let you choose everything you need.Gameplay
There’s no limit. You can get money to buy new cars not only by racing, but also by doing tricks and getting drift points, or by selling your cars and skins on the market like a real outbid.

-DRIFT mode: You and other players will fight to get the most drift points.
-In CAR RACE mode, the winner is the person who gets to the finish line first without getting into a serious crash.-SKILL TEST mode – race around crazy ski jump karts
-In driving school, you’ll learn how to drive a car with class. You’ll also get to try out a lot of different cars, and if you do well, you’ll get special awards.
-Auto market: trade with other players and bet RP to get or win rare and valuable items.-There are hundreds of jobs, quests, and achievements, and each one has its own rewards.

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Help develop the project and share your thoughts by, for example, answering the following questions:
Should there be city traffic or cops in the game?
Do you like to drift and play car games with physics?
Driver, what are you waiting for? Welcome to the family! Your new online friends are ready to meet you. Start your car and go past the Drive Zone Online’s distance!

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