Easy pose MOD APK v1.5.61 (Unlocked All, Full Pack) for android

Easy Pose is an app for people who like to draw or want to learn how to draw. Have you ever wanted a customized model to help you draw cartoons, illustrations, or sketches? Easy Pose was made for people like these. Different poses can be looked at from different views. You no longer have to use a wooden doll or figure with moving parts as a model when you draw. Even yoga or exercise poses can be looked at from different directions.

Sensitive Operation: Easy Pose makes it possible to control the main joints in a way that is amazingly smooth. It has a lot of features that other pose apps didn’t have, like highlighting parts that can move, initializing joints and manipulation state, and using the reflection feature to find a pose that is symmetrical. You can use tools that are easier to use than a mouse.

2. Comic-style models: Old pose apps had a lot of realistic men and women with eight heads, which didn’t work well for animation, webtoons, or game images. Models with different body types are used to make Easy Pose.

3. Multi-Model Control: Up to six people can work on a scene at the same time. You can now make a scene of a soccer player avoiding a tackle or a pair dancing while holding hands.

4. Dozens of moves that have been done before. The most common poses have already been made. About 60 poses have already been made, and they will be updated weekly.

5. Other Things About It
– Sensitive to light using direct and lighting settings – Able to see different poses from different angles
– Realistic shadows, like models’ shadows falling on other models.
– Can change the angle of view (can use a large ending point, like in a panorama) – Has a wire mode that lets you draw lines over models
– Can receive models without the background in a PNG clear background.
– Automatically saves, so it is safe even if there is a problem with the device.
– Hand moves are easy to control.

6. What functions come with the free version
Model poses can be changed in any way.
– The position of the light can be used to change moods in any way you want.
– Save the picture as a PNG file. Use it when you want to draw with Easy Pose and another app!
– You can set up a scene by easily controlling how far away the camera is.

7.An advantage of upgrading to the paid version is that completed poses can be saved and brought back.
– Other than the original model, a normal woman, a small woman, and a small guy are given.
– More than one model can be shown at the same time.
There are no commercials.
– You can use any “Completed Pose.”

Since the data is not saved to a server, when you delete an app, the saved data is also removed.

The Easy Pose apps from Google Play and the Apple App Store don’t work with each other. If a person buys something in the Easy Pose Android app, they can’t use it in the Easy Pose iOS app.

**Follow the steps below if certification fails.
1) Open your phone and go to Settings > Apps > Easy Pose > Permissions.
2) Check to see if the Contacts permission is turned on, and if it is not, check them.
3) Run the Easy pose, and then on the app’s home screen, tap the certification menu.

**Here are the rights that Easy Pose needs.
1) Contacts: This is the permission you need to use your Google Play Games account to connect to the Easy Pose service. Please don’t use this tool if you don’t want to. You can use the app without any trouble.
2) Storage Capacity: This is the permission needed to save an Easy Pose pose as a picture file on the smartphone’s gallery. Please don’t use the “Save as PNG image” tool if you don’t want to. You can use the app without any trouble.

**If you bought something that doesn’t work with Easy Pose, please send us your User ID and Receipt. If you don’t have a ticket, please send a list of everything you’ve bought.

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