European War 7 v2.0.8 MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Unlock All Characters)

Become a cunning general, experience the breathtaking battlefields, subdue the unrest-ridden continent of Europe, and establish your own kingdom.

In this wargame, take part in countless moves and strategies, learn about medieval history, and write your own epic.

“Game Initiation”
Barbarians invade, the Roman Empire disintegrates, endless wars ravage the European peninsula, and the so-called Medieval Age, a protracted era, begins.
The Holy Roman Empire, the Franks, the Vikings, and other forces appear as the circumstances demand. There will soon be a fresh wave of wars.
Witness the historical events and valiant actions among European nations on different battlefields!

Features of the game
Enjoy how the world has changed over the course of many fights.
140 nations and forces, over 120 illustrious battles, and 14 chapters. Interesting tales

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