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Exile Survival is a fun 3D RPG-style computer game where the main goal is to stay alive. A magical action RPG set in the Middle Ages and after the end of the world. The story is about how the Great Ancient Civilization hit its highest level of development, but couldn’t stay there. This adventure game has both a survival simulator and an interesting RPG open world that can be played with other people. Because of global warming, the whole world has become a desert, and the great things that the Ancients built are gone forever. They were able to stay alive because they had the technology to get an unlimited amount of supplies. After the end of the world, the last savage is in the middle of a wild desert with no weapons, clothes, or home. The desert fighter must fight like it’s his last day on earth to stay alive.

1. Make and build things to stay alive.
One of the most important parts of the game is building for survival. The hero needs to know how to make things in order to build a home that can stand up to dangerous enemies and animals. You can put your gear in the house, which the survivor will find on their way through the world after the end of the world. The building can be made better and turned into a safe place. Make tools to help you fight for your life.

You can make your own barbarian in the survival game. You can change his skin color, hair color, and style. You can also give him unique tattoos with different designs. Give your survivor a unique name and begin your journey in the harsh fantasy world.3. EXPLORE UNIQUE LOCATIONS
There are many secrets in the desert. Survival after the end of the world means being ready to move easily through the desert and old dungeons. In Desert Survival Simulator 3D, the survivor will face terrifying enemies like tribe giants, scorpions, hyenas that eat people, and tigers that eat people.

For the 3D survival game to work, the hero needs to find food, drink, and treatment for himself. If she or he doesn’t have important things, her or his life will be on a thread. If the hero dies in the offline disaster, you will have to start all over. First, you need to make a tool that will last. There will be enemies everywhere, so stay on the lookout at all times. The desert warrior in the survivor trip will be able to get food and water by hunting wild animals. This will help him or her stay alive in the Nomad desert.

You have to look for things in the survival game. The Desert Apocalypse has destroyed everything except the ruins, so it is important to have goods that will help save life. You can get resources by picking berries, plants, and unique stones. You can also look for special crystals. To find them all, you’ll have to find secret dungeons and fight powerful bosses.6. COMPLETE TASKS AND QUESTS OF TRADERS
Hardcore survival game includes – craft, tasks & RPG. As the hero explores the desert and does different jobs, his skills go up. Talk to different merchants. A fighter can take jobs from these people. For success, playing in an open world without the Internet lets you get different bonuses and prizes. After you finish the quest, each of the merchants will tell you a different story or tale about a new area.

Nomads are living things that need water, food, and a place to sleep. You have to keep an eye on the character or he might die because he doesn’t have enough of something important. If the hero dies, the game will have to start over. After all, this is an action RPG with an open world that doesn’t use the Internet. This means that you have to fight for your life in real life.

Exile Survival is an online survival adventure game in the style of a stylized 3D RPG. It is addicting from the first minute you play it.

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