Farm City MOD APK v2.9.56 (Unlimited Cashes/Coins/Max level)

Farm City is a breath of fresh air for games about building cities and farms.

Build the city you’ve always wanted to live in. Grow your crops, feed your animals, and sell the goods to make your farming games even better. Bring happiness and wealth to your people by giving them unique shops, useful community buildings, and amazing sights. Go on a trip and check out the mysterious tunnels of the Ancient City that are buried under your land.

So, why don’t you just do it? Get READY to become the best mayor and build the city of your dreams!

You can take care of cute farm animals in Farm City. You can grow and process different kinds of veggies and fruits in your farming factories.
• Build and decorate your city the way you want with high-tech factories, eye-catching locations, and glitzy details!
Invite, visit, and help your Facebook neighbors to meet new people. Meet up with nice people and bring their orders right to their doors. Also, part of being a GREAT mayor is helping people with their problems. Collect rare minerals by exploring the underground Ancient City and make improvements to your buildings at the Academy and Foundry. Try your luck at the Happy Balloon house and get interesting gifts.
• Get yourself some special exclusive prizes in our unique Events
• Invest money and make money in the City Bank to make sure your city will have a safe future. Lots of cheap farm goods and ingredients are always for sale at the Market stall. The game is easy to play and has beautiful graphics.
• The offline mode lets you play the Farmer game anywhere, like on a bus or while walking down the street.

Farm City is a free-to-play farm game where you can buy some in-game things with real money to make the game more fun.

Some parts of the game, like Friends, Competitions, Save/Load info, and other things, will only work if you are connected to the internet.

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