Farm Island MOD APK v2.32 (Unlimited Diamonds) for android

The best way to spend your free time is to take care of a yard. If you go to a small island paradise, you’ll find a beautiful farm with a view of a calm bay. Go to your farm for Christmas! Be a farmer and build your own happy village. Grow hay, corn, veggies, flowers, and a lot of different kinds of fruit and vegetables on your farm. Orange, mango, pineapple, carambola – you name it! Every day, gather tasty crops.
You can make a lot of different treats with the fruit. We have all the recipes you need, including ones for candy, cookie, birthday cake, and a lot more. Kids love it! Then sell your goods to nice people in a nearby township. It’s a great chance to make money!
Have you ever wanted a pony or a little lamb as a pet? Make a zoo and bring cute animals to your farm. Gather cute animals from all over the world, and then ask people to see them. Enjoy your friends’ gifts and make them happy.
Help the famous archeologist Dr. Johnson explore the old ruins on your island to find priceless artifacts and unlock new pet buildings.

Try the new farming simulator coming to the US in 2018 from Foranj games. Get your family and friends to help you figure out what’s going on on your island and find all the secret treasure. Make up your own story about a farm!

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