FarmVille 2 v22.1.8112 MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited Money, Unlocked All)

Get away to the country, where your farm is waiting for you. Clear land to grow crops and trees, then use the product to make things to sell. Take care of cute animals on your farm and feed them to get milk, cheese, eggs, and much more. Use workshops like Dairy, Pastry Ovens, Stovetops, and Dinner Ovens to make classic recipes that you can sell on orderboards and markets to earn coins and experience points and level up.

Gather these crafts and a few rare items to make classic recipes and sturdy crafts at cute workshops like Craft Workstations, Loom, Winery, Beachfront grill, Doll Making tables, and more. Use these projects to help you figure out what to do at different times on the farm.

Explore the glade, pond, mine, and other hidden places in the underbrush to find rare ingredients. Your Farmhand friends will help you find these secret ingredients, which you can trade on markets or use to make interesting recipes.

Join or make a farm Co-Op to help, trade, fight, or just talk with friends. You can learn more about farming by sharing tips and tricks with other Co-Op members and your friends.

Make your farm your own by making changes to it. Add flowers, birdhouses, old fountains, swings, and more to your farm to make it look nice. Add scarecrows to your farm to meet the needs of your crops. Put up fences and stone walks to make your farm look nice and different from your neighbors’. There are so many ways to build your dream farm!

Some of the other adventures in Country Escape are:

● Rescuing exotic creatures at the Animal Park
● Pairing wine and cheese at the Tasting Table
● Racing with fellow farmers at the Boat Club
● Visiting the County Fair with your best bakes
● Uncovering a new ecosystem of aquatic animals and crops
● Mastering your farm’s finest goods to earn worldwide prestige
● Collecting daily prizes at the Prospector’s Corner and Prize Wheel
● And so much more!

Country Escape has the following:

Build your dream farm: Plant new crops, water them, and gather them to grow your farm. Use workshops like the Windmill, Pastry Oven, Dairy, and Stovetop to improve your farm. Use crops and workshops to make things like Country Biscuits, Cheese, Yogurt, and so much more.

Care for Farm Animals: What’s a farm without animals? Cows, chickens, goats, horses, and more are ready to join your farm. Special pets like Rescue Tabby are waiting to join you and help you gather unusual ingredients to make interesting things on the farm.

Farm Adventures: Pappy’s Pond: Use your Farmhands to catch Trout, Bass, and Mint at Pappy’s Pond!
Sophia’s Tasting Table: Sophia will buy fine wine, cheese, and other high-end goods from your farm.
Merryweather Mine: Dig up the mine to get rare gems like quartz, copper, and tin.

Join coops and ask friends to play together. Help others by trading items from your barn. Race with friends and neighbors to win rewards.

It’s the best part of living in the country. FarmVille is your new home.

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