Fashion Empire MOD APK v2.98.0 (Unlimited Money, Vip, Free Shopping)

In this fun 3D dress-up game, you can express yourself and become a style icon.It’s free to play, allows offline and online play, and is made for fashion enthusiasts of all ages. In-app purchases are available for premium currency and extra content. The game is constantly being upgraded and has amazing gameplay.- CHIC FASHIONS to trade, combine, and increase your wealth- DECORATE your shops with countless exquisite ornaments.- DESIGN tens of thousands of distinctive items, varying from chic to edgy.- DRESS UP your trendy employees and yourself however you like.- MAKEOVERS featuring the newest cosmetics and makeup styles- COLLECT unique items by top designers and signature brands.- SHOP furnishings, including desks, racks, cash registers, showcases, and much more.- STORY mode with captivating characters, fashion displays, and freedom- ADVENTURE to the summit with countless quests spread across numerous cities- Win large and flaunt your skills in online competitions – it’s fashion week every day!- JOIN a thriving, fashion-obsessed group.The narrative and the game’s rules are as follows:1: You begin as a budding designer in San Francisco, having just established your first store. You’ve always been creative—from dressing up dolls as a child to spending hours playing fashion games, learning to draw, and building an incredible portfolio at a prestigious design school. Together with your mentor Eva, you’ll start by creating your very first product, a stunning pink outfit that is sure to attract customers right away.2/ After you make your first sales, you should increase the space available for racks, registers, dressing rooms, and don’t neglect to add decorations to draw in fashion-conscious customers.

3 As your store expands, you’ll pick up new knowledge and be able to access more outfit categories of products, including shoes, heels, bags, purses, rompers, jumpsuits, makeup, cosmetics, and accessories.

4/ It will be time to find the ideal staff to accompany you on your path once you start to find yourself busy as the only employee in your boutique. They each have a unique story to share and personality to work with, so you’ll need to find a method to convince them to join first.

5/ San Francisco is just the start; shortly Las Vegas, Miami, Los Angeles, and even New York will be added to your list of destinations. There, you’ll meet famous people who will grow fond of your individual taste and eventually hanker after your most recent collections. And you never know what glitzy events you’ll be planning for.

6/ Now that your reputation is growing, it’s time to establish your credentials in front of a large international player group. This is your opportunity to showcase your interior designs and wardrobe in difficult online themed competitions, whether it’s coffee-casual or star style, from the red carpet to the haute couture runway…

It’s time to create YOUR fashionable tale in the most popular dress-up and shop game ever.

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