Fishing Clash MOD APK v1.0.211 (Easy Combo/Auto Catch)

Have you ever been thinking about fish but couldn’t go to your favorite places to fish? Some simple fishing games didn’t make it fun enough to catch fish? Play Fishing Clash, a free realistic fishing simulation game that millions of fishermen choose to play.

Fishing Clash is an online fishing game that takes the best parts of simulator games, sports games, and fishing and hunting apps and combines them. It’s like a fishing forecast app in the virtual world, where each angler can fight with others. It is the most realistic multiplayer fishing computer game because it has fishing spots all over the world.

How do you catch a fish in this simulated fishing game?
• Get the game going.
• Tap the “cast” button in the game’s lower right corner.
• Tap the strike button over and over again to make sure the line tension gauge is in the middle of the top bar.
• Take pleasure in seeing the fish on your hook!

Where does Fishing Clash go from here?
• Catch more fish or win duels in the PvP mode of the game.
• Take part in tasks and tournaments with other people.
Win Lure Cards and improve them to level up and open new fishing spots.

A game with dozens of fishing spots around the world
In this multiplayer computer game, you can fish almost anywhere in the world, from the Florida Coast and Kenai River to Lake Biwa, the Galapagos, and Loch Ness. You can catch bass, carp, trout, shark, and even monster fish from the Deep Sea.

Smart fish
Collect bait cards like you would in a CCG and improve them so you can catch bigger fish. The best ones let you win master angler and world cup events, which you can’t do with free fishing apps or other multiplayer fishing games.

Real-time duels game
Play a fishing fight against other anglers to feel what it’s like to play a game with more than one person. To catch a fish, you need skills. To win a fight, you need smarts and a plan. Master your skills and win every fishing fight with other people in the PvP mode.

Take part in live events
Go to different places to fish and look for great prizes like new rods, lure cards, and skill tokens. Pass the fishing test, fight angry sharks, become a catfish hunter, or become a traveler who catches the biggest fish in a few different fishing places.

Join a group or make one.
Fishing Clash is a simulation game at heart, but it also lets you connect with other people in ways that free fishing apps do. In Clan Wars, you can meet other fishers, trade lure cards for different fishing spots, and work together to win great prizes.

Use your skills to catch fish.
Each place to fish has its own skill set. Use skill tokens to gain new skills and get bonuses for certain fish species, fish rarity, and other things. Compete in different pvp game types to move up to the fishing master league.

Beautiful places to fish
Whether you like to touch fish, fish through the ice, or fish by trolling, you’ll like the way all fishing points look. Every fishing spot in Fishing Clash has beautiful 3D views and hand-made fish that you’ll love to catch. After all, it’s a real-life model.

Content that is regular, nice, and new!
New fish, new fishing spots, and new rods are added to this realistic fishing game every week because there are always new fish to catch.

A 2022 game you can’t miss
Fishing Clash is a great choice whether you are an experienced fisherman or just like to play simple online games. It is one of the best free fishing games because it has tens of fishing spots all over the world and hundreds of fish types. Don’t look for a free model anywhere else. Angler, DOWNLOAD RIGHT NOW and catch the big fish! Let’s go!

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