Free Fire MAX v2.97.1 MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited Diamonds) for android

Free Fire MAX is made to give Battle Royale players the best gameplay experience possible. Through the unique Firelink technology, all Free Fire players can enjoy a wide range of fun game types together. With Ultra HD graphics and jaw-dropping effects, you can fight like never before. Ambush, snipe, and stay alive. The only goal is to stay alive and be the last person left.

Free Fire, Fight Your Way!

[Gameplay that moves quickly and is very involved]
Fifty people jump from a plane onto a lonely island, but only one of them will leave. Over the course of ten minutes, players will fight for guns and supplies and kill any other survivors who get in their way. Hide, look for supplies, fight, and try to stay alive. With the new and improved graphics, players will be engrossed in the Battle Royale world from the beginning to the end.

The same game, but a better time.
With HD graphics, better special effects, and smoother gameplay, Free Fire MAX gives fans of Battle Royale a realistic and engaging survival game.

[4-person team with voice chat in-game]
You can put together teams of up to four people and start talking to them right away. Help your friends win, and make sure your team is the last one standing at the top.

[Technology called Firelink]
With Firelink, you can easily play Free Fire MAX with your current Free Fire account. Both apps will keep track of your progress and things in real time. No matter which program they use, Free Fire and Free Fire MAX players can play all game modes together.

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