Garena Blockman GO MOD APK v2.26.3 (Unlimited Money, Gems, VIP)

Get ready to meet Garena Blockman GO, the company’s first sandbox game. Garena Blockman GO is the ultimate playground that is free to play and lets you play, make things, and share your fun with your friends.
Have a Blockman GO account already? You can play Blockman GO right now if you already have an account.
There are a lot of small games to play.Every day in Garena Blockman GO, there is something new and exciting to find. Join the adventures and try your hand at all the different kinds of minigames.
[New Party Street]
Get graffiti from all over the city and spray it as much as you want!
In the Party Street, you can try out this super cool street style and jump into a party with all the other cool guys.
New [The Exorcists]
A game of staying alive and betraying others.As one of the four exorcists, you have to do an exorcism in a school that has been closed down. But wait! One of you is not who you say you are…
Look for clues to figure out who the imposter is and finish the exorcism procedure. In the meantime, the fake exorcist has to hide who they really are, give the other exorcists the wrong information, and call on the devil to kill all the exorcists.
30 vs. 30 is an online shooting game set on a battlefield.You’ll play the role of a soldier and take part in a simulated fight.
To win the game, you can shoot, drive tanks and other armed vehicles, tell your teammates to take over key areas, and work with other players to make sure that your team wins in the end.
Bed Wars are very popular.
Bed Wars is a very famous team-based PVP game that has players from all over the world.
Your goal is to protect your bed at your own base while utilizing all of the tools at your disposal to destroy your opponents' beds and emerge victorious in the end.
Hot [Free City RP]
Have you ever wished you could be a cruel vigilante like Bruce Wayne and catch bad guys? Have you ever just wanted to make a lot of trouble just for the thrill of it?
Let Free City RP make your dreams come true!

*The game has been improved
We have made a new version of the tutorial for beginners that is better organized and easy to understand. We’ve also made the language system better by bringing in new fonts and fixing up old ones.

* Play with friends whenever, wherever
Games like Bed Wars, Egg Wars, and Sky Block are more fun with friends. You can now join the millions of other players anytime, anywhere, since the game is optimized for mobile.

*How do you dress?br>Show the world your unique style. You can make your avatar look unique by choosing from a variety of stylish items. With a growing number of items, the only ceiling is the sky.

PLEASE NOTE: You can play Garena Blockman GO for free, but you can also use your Play Store account to buy extra features inside the game. You can turn off in-app payments by going to the settings on your device.

Information about a VIP subscription that renews itself:
VIP+ costs $4.99 USD per month and includes 360 Gcubes and other perks;MVP: $9.99 USD per month, which includes 800 Gcubes and other perks;MVP+ costs 24.99 USD per month and comes with 2000 Gcubes and other perks;At the end of each subscription period, your VIP+, MVP, or MVP+ subscription will be immediately renewed for another subscription period, unless you cancel. You will be charged the same amount until you change it. There will be no notice when payments are renewed, so we strongly suggest that you keep an eye on them.
Through your account settings, you can stop your VIP+, MVP, or MVP+ subscription at any time. When you stop your VIP+, MVP, or MVP+ subscription, it will not be renewed and will end on the last day of the subscription period.


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