Garena Contra Returns MOD APK v1.46.92.2141 (Unlimited Ammo/Mod Menu)

The same contra you and I know is back! This classic smartphone game, “Contra Returns,” was made by the well-known Japanese game company KONAMI and Tencent Timi in collaboration with Garena. Elite Match is a new game mode, and so is the duo mode. Every scene and piece of music in [Contra Ascension II], along with Alien Boss, who comes back for the pass series, bring out the atmosphere of the original game in full. All of the amazing effects and brand-new HD graphics will give you a new way to look at the game. PVP mode, unique heroes, pet system and party mode ignite your spirit immediately! Return of the Legendary Hero Bill and Lance, let’s save the world by fighting together!

◆Contra Ascension II ◆
Contra Warriors, unite! It’s time for the Champion’s Battle!

[SS New Hero] [Prestige Marksman] Molly takes part in the fight!
Contra Ascension II now has a new “Duo Mode.”
[Multi Server PVP] Elite Match is a new PVP mode.
[New BOSS: Abyss Fissure] The golden toad is here. Take it on!
[Gold SS New Pet] Gold SS Pet Fortune Star Rabbit is here!
Energy Cannon is a new type of weapon.

Let’s play right now!

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