Gladiators Survival in Rome v1.20.2 MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited Gems, God Mode)

Gladiators: Survival in Rome is an action role-playing game (RPG) with easy survival gameplay and big city-building options. You’ll play a new kind of survival game with quests, a constantly changing open world, monthly events, and dumb ways to die that won’t ruin your fun.

Free slaves from cruel soldiers, explore the secrets of prisons in barbarian and uncharted lands, and build a city of free men who have survived. Use what you’ve found to make weapons and armor, then kill the king’s soldiers and take over the Roman Empire!

Rise up against thousands of other legionnaires who want fame and the respect of the Roman emperor, and fight in the arena to become the best gladiator in front of the people of mighty Rome, or at least in the pit of the wildlings in their frozen city.


Gladiators: How They Lived and Died in Rome

Action Combat: The best of free movement and “hack-and-slay” Deep Crafting: Collect plants, mine stone, and cut down trees all over the game world. Open World: Explore the kingdoms of the past and find treasures. City Building: Plan your home and build your own city with farms. Strategy: Change the way your guns work by making them unique. Unique art style: stylized 3D models made by hand and beautiful animations. Great History: Fighting zombies is boring, so we’ll take you on a historical dream trip to the time of Caesar!

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