Global City MOD APK v0.6.7833 (Unlimited Coins, No Ads)

Global City is a simulation game about making cities. It stands out from similar games because it has very good graphics. The unique and beautiful high-tech designs of skyscrapers, houses, shopping stores, government buildings, the port, and the railroad are sure to please you.

Develop and manage the production of resources.
In this game, you can mine for different kinds of fossil fuels and make materials and supplies at a higher level. Build a plant for handling and a modern factory. You can sell ready-made goods at the market and send ships full of resources away. You can use plans to improve buildings. Use all of your skills and information to make a busy city.

Meet the eager people who live in your city. They will always have business ideas for you. Complete quests, complete orders to get items and materials, make cars, and get rewards! Every big business in the world started out small.

TALK TO FRIENDSbr>br>Developing a city is mostly a group effort. You’re lucky, because this game lets you make groups of friends, talk in English, share resources, and help each other. When you compete in tournaments for the top spots and great prizes, your team pride will make your bonds stronger.

COLLECT TAXES AND MAKE MORE PEOPLEbr>Your city must get bigger! You’ll be able to grow the population, expand the city limits, build a business area, and eventually turn your small town into a thriving megacity thanks to your smart management and tax strategies.

Take care of the running and planning of Global City with your skill.

You can play the English version of the online game for free. Please contact tech help at if you have any problems.

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