Grand Action Simulator Mod APK 1.6.7 (Unlimited money, gems)

New York: Grand Action Simulator You can drive a car or a motorcycle in Car Gang, which is a city model with a third-person view and a first-person shooter mode. You play a thug, and everyone in the city is afraid of you. The look of the city is like that of Miami or Las Vegas, but it’s actually New York. Become the leader of crime on the streets of the city. Exciting game play: you’re looking for the most dangerous places in Las Vegas.

You will fight star crime gangsters from the United States, Russia, China, Mexico, Japan, and other countries. The game takes place in a completely open world. In this free open world game, you can go off-roading in the woods, explore the big city, steal and drive supercars, shoot guns, and more. You can also buy a lot of things in a shop to help you finish tasks and get rid of all the mafia members in the city. Most of the tasks will take place on the streets, while others will take place in Chinatown and other gang territories, etc.

Are you ready for a great story about a thief? Prepare yourself to steal, kill, shoot, and fight. Taking cars from people, avoiding the police, speeding through the streets, and shooting at other gangs… Do you have the guts to get to the top of the crime piles? Check out all of the fast cars and bikes. You can do tricks on a BMX or find the best F-90 tank or most powerful war helicopter.

Let it be a beautiful city. Don’t turn it into a place where people steal and kill. A good old story about a car thief looking for easy money in a dangerous town. Use the powerful firepower of advanced military vehicles to take over the city, or improve your hero to knock out enemies with a few kicks.

• Beautiful images, models of characters and army vehicles (like a helicopter and an air fighter), etc.• Graphics with HD quality (br>)• Guns you can buy and use• Places to explore off-road

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