Granny 3 MOD APK v1.1.2 (MOD Menu, Dumb Bot)

We’re glad you’re here in Granny 3!Grandma and Grandpa have moved into a new house together.As usual, they don’t do anything important except walk around the house and stand guard so no one else comes in.

As a prisoner, you have to try to get out before the fifth day is up.

As usual, Granny knows if you drop something on the floor or walk on a floorboard that creaks.
Grandpa can’t hear very well, but he loves to shoot everything that moves with his shotgun.
Then there’s Slendrina, Granny’s granddaughter, who comes around sometimes and tries to make your forced stay even worse.
If you see her, don’t look at her for as long as you can.
You can hide under a bed, behind a couch, or in a room, but please don’t jump into the moat.

Be careful!

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