Granny’s House MOD APK v2.5.501 (Unlimited Item ESP, Unlocked)

The kids can’t get out of Granny’s House.
Will they be able to get out of the crazy house without being caught?

In Granny’s House, the exciting great escape is waiting.
Improve your skills and use them together to beat foes!

After beating all the enemies, open the last door of the house.
You will get a reward for making growth and being willing to try new things.

Your favorite modes have returned.
Play them right now and get out of Granny’s House!

[What the Game Has]

Parkour: Do parkour through patterns of jumps with random objects in the way!
Run up to the top, and then run again!

■ Story (PvE Teamplay)
Make a team of people with different jobs to beat enemies and go on an adventure to find out what’s going on in the house.

■ Hide and Seek (4 vs. 16 Multiplayer Team Match)
Make yourself look like things and hide!
The Survivors win if they can keep their Pursuers guessing until the end, while the Pursuers win if they find all the secret Survivors.

■ Escape (2 vs. 6 Multiplayer Team Match)
A relentless quest! 2 Pursuers go after 6 Survivors!
The Survivors work together to get away before the time runs out, while the Pursuers try to catch the Survivors or stop them from getting away until the time runs out.

■ Escape (Item) (2 vs. 6 Multiplayer Team Match)
Items and skills added twice as much fun!
Make different plans to stay alive or to get what you want.

■ Great Escape (PvE)
Use a mix of skills to move faster and make the game easy.
Fight off the enemies that are coming and get out of Granny’s House!
There is a journey waiting, as well as rewards for good play.

“Green Light, Red Light”
You’d better run if you want to make it through the Death Race, which has up to 30 people in it.
Get to the end zone in the time you have!

“Green Light, Red Light” (Battle Run)
Competitive mode that goes on forever with constant respawns.
Run until you are one of the last three people standing.

▲ Ignition (1 vs.5 Multiplayer Team Match)
Survivors and Pursuers are neck and neck!
Team up with friends and light lights to escape, or become Pursuers to turn off the light and catch Survivors.

■ Occupation (4 vs. 4 Multiplayer Team Match)
Form a team of up to four people and take up 3 points.
Fight with the other team to take their points.
The team’s win depends on your choice.

Getting sick (2 vs. 6 Multiplayer Team Match)
The enemy of yesterday is the friend of today.
The Pursuers attack the Survivors so that they can take over their jobs.
Try not to get infected by Pursuers and get away, or attack Survivors and stop them from getting away.

Craft: Make your own house like Granny’s!
You can make your own game, from how the map is set up to how the game is played.

Characters Made to Order
Collect figures and the things they need to dress up and improve themselves.
In Great Escape Mode, you’ll have more fun as your figures grow.

■ Metaverse Square
You can have fun with people from all over the world in the Square, and it’s easy to get prizes by opening gift boxes and treasure chests.
You can also get prizes if you catch the Mine Robber.
If you’re having trouble getting out, pick up prizes in the Square and level up your characters.

■ Escape Reward
In Granny’s House, you can get things based on how you play and how far you get.
When you finish different game modes and tasks, you can get rewards.
You can get and level up more characters if you get prizes.

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