Grow Empire Rome MOD APK v1.26.3 (Unlimited Coins/Gems)

This fun Tower Defense and war strategy game will lead you to the glory of Rome.
Play Grow kingdom: Rome and turn your small town into the biggest and most powerful kingdom in history.
Strategically improve your walls, towers, and soldiers, and cover the sky with arrows and fire to protect your city from elephants, siege weapons, and waves of enemy troops.
Face fearsome armies of barbarian, gallic, iberian, and carthaginian warriors and spread your kingdom across Europe and Africa.
Protect your colonies and get money from the tributes they pay you. Be the leader that Rome says you are.
Get chests with gems, gold, potions, and cards by taking over enemy towns.
Build an army of heroes, legionaries, soldiers, and siege weapons that can’t be defeated. This army will make you the most feared Caesar in history.
Features: +1500 waves that will test your defense and bravery. +120 cities to take over. +Tavern mission mode to test your archery skills. +1000 building upgrades. +35 different Roman troops to help your army.
There are 4 enemy factions that will test your desire for fame. There are siege weapons and war elephants. There are 7 heroes with unique skills that will help you take over the world. There are +18 abilities with 20 levels that will help you improve your attack and defense strategies.
18 attacking and defensive cards that will help you win the game.
What’s holding you back? Download the game and get ready to take over!
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