Guidus MOD APK v1.1037 (Unlimited Money, Menu. God Mode)

Guidus, a Pixel roguelike game, is a big journey to get back the royal palace.
After all, the monsters of the abyss that were locked away under the royal house have woken up. Even though the last warriors of the royal house gave the twin prince and princess a hard time, the twins lost and were sent to the dungeon.
You are the last fighter to wake up deep in the dungeon. With your friends, go on an adventure to get back the royal house and save the real heir to the throne.
◈ Various Heroes
Enjoy adding new characters all the time, like swordsmen, shooters, wizards, sylphs, and monks who sleep in a campfire. Collect heroes with different looks and ways of playing!

Unique Abilities and Super Powers
Every hero has a strong skill that is unique to them, such as Shockwave, Thunder Hammer, Nova, etc. Use your skills to beat the enemies and get out of the cave.

◈ Disverse Bosses and Monsters
Get ready to fight different kinds of monsters and powerful bosses on your journey.

Treasures and Traps
Find the secret treasures, get past the dangerous traps, and escape the dungeon. Traps can be helpful sometimes.

Mobile Action Rogue-like RPG Play a Rogue-like game and see how your character grows. Continue to learn and push yourself. When you use your skills and heroes together, you will get better and stronger.

Pixel art that is both cute and stylish
Enjoy great images made up of small dots. You can enjoy the game because it has a lot of different characters, monsters, areas, and bosses.

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