Guild of Heroes MOD APK v1.146.13 (Free Shopping/No Skill CD)

Heroes are needed in a fantasy world with old-school action RPG adventures. Find towns from the Middle Ages and dark dungeons, fight monsters, and raid dragon’s lairs. It is now the age of magic, so you should be ready to meet sneaky dwarves and old elves, as well as mean orc shamans and troll sorcerers. There will be epic fights, dark caves, quests, and raids.

But the epic trip through the huge, colorful game world is not all fairy tales and mysterious dungeons and dragons. It also has PVP battles with mages in the arena and Guild Wars that other players run.

Get involved: Fantasy role-playing game with a lot of action and great images. Equip classes like mage, archer, and fighter, which can be switched out at any time. Fight other teams in the arena in Guild Wars. Make weapons and gear from the Middle Ages in hundreds of different ways. There are thousands of different monsters, like immortal diabolic exorcists and… oh, don’t ruin the fun!

Now, enough with the heroic songs. Grab your wand, sword, and shield and jump into an exciting old-school RPG!

Oh, and don’t forget to join the Guild of Heroes group on Facebook, where there are events, fan art, guild friends, and contests to check out.

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