Hearthstone MOD APK v25.0.162171 (Unlocked All Features/Adfree)

From the same company that made World of Warcraft® and Overwatch® comes HEARTHSTONaE®, a collectible card game that has won awards. Get strong cards and make powerful teams. Bring in troops and cast a spell to take control of battlegrounds that are always changing. Use a masterful plan to beat anyone who dares to play against you.

Each card has a unique power that can change the course of a PvE or PvP battle. Use strategy to build your deck and smart tricks to turn the tables in these fights. Whether it’s a minion, a spell, a quest, or a hero, a Hearthstone card can change a duel in a big way with its powerful powers and strange interactions. You can play as a smart rogue, a strong mage, or any of the other ten Hero types for free.

With your friends, enjoy the magic, fun, and chaos. Battle with your friends and join millions of other players around the fire to enjoy Hearthstone.

AN EVER-EXPANDING WARCRAFT UNIVERSE. Go into fight with Illidan Stormrage, Jaina Proudmore, and more of your favorite Warcraft heroes. In this fast-paced strategy card game, you can visit famous places from the Warcraft world as you master your deck, collect cards, and put together powerful combos. Take control of the battlegrounds of Azeroth and learn to deal with the unexpected.

PLAY THE HIT GAME MODE HEARTHSTONE BATTLEGROUNDS. Invite your friends to play Battlegrounds with you, where eight heroes fight in a PvP auto-battle. The winner is the last person standing. Will you get the Battlegrounds crown in the end?

MASTER AN ALL-NEW RPG MODE WITH ROGUELIKE ELEMENTS: HEARTHSTONE MERCENARIES. Put together and tweak your dream team of famous Warcraft characters. You don’t need to build a deck. Just grab your Mercenaries and jump into battle, picking the right skills to help you beat your enemies. Learn how to play a brand-new RPG and take part in epic battles. Use the money you earn to upgrade and equip your team of Mercenaries with the skills and treasures they need to fight through roguelike maps and a brand-new battle system. As your Mercenaries level up, so will their enemies. You’ll need a plan to deal with enemies who get stronger and change over time. Which of your Mercenaries will get the fame they deserve?


GET BETTER AT: Practice in PvE adventures, face tough opponents from around the world in real-time PvP, and fight the strongest Heroes in the Warcraft universe. There are also Jaina, Thrall, Uther, Illidan, and others.

JUMP RIGHT IN: Fun introductory tasks help you learn how to play Hearthstone’s easy-to-understand game. Your first duel is just a few seconds away!

DUEL EPIC HEROES, GLORY AWAITS: In real-time PvP, you can play against tough opponents from all over the world, win, and build your deck with hundreds of unique cards. As your collection grows, so does your deck.

8-PLAYER EXPERIENCE: Are you ready to show off your skills on the Battlegrounds? In this auto-battle, you and 7 other players take on the parts of well-known Heroes from WoW’s past. You make powerful boards of minions you’ve recruited and fight until only one winner is left.

ROGUELIKE ELEMENTS IN A COMPETITIVE RPG MODE: HEARTHSTONE MERCENARIES: With this brand-new RPG, you can try out new ways to play. Every fight in a roguelike RPG is different because it has roguelike maps and what seems like an infinite number of combinations of team, treasure, and abilities. Build and balance 30 card decks no longer. Choose which of your 6 Mercenaries you think has the best chance of beating your opponents and getting your rewards. As you play, you will unlock new skills and gear that will make your Mercenaries stronger and give you more ways to fight.

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