Hungry Dragon MOD APK v4.7 (Unlimited Money/Unlimited Gems)

In the entertaining and frantic soaring action game Hungry Dragon, where everything and everyone is on the menu, unleash fiery rage from above!
Fly, burn, and consume your way through a medieval world filled with myths, monsters, and delectably unaware prey while controlling ferocious dragons!In order to play this game, your device must be operating Android 4.2 or higher.

SET THE DRAGONS FREE.• Gather fearsome, fire-breathing, flying dragons, each of which is distinctive in its own manner.• Unlock absurd costumes to soar higher, burn more calories, and consume more food.• Equip strange pets and creatures to increase your strength.Feast on townspeople, creatures, and other delectable prey to level up and train.
FEEDS THE FRENZY• Fly through, investigate, and obliterate a world of Goblin City, villages, forests, and hills!• Smash through barriers to reach secluded locations around the globe.• Consume more food to earn a higher score—hungry dragons can never be satiated!SENSITIVE TO THE BURN• Go on a cooking binge in an expansive, free-roaming 3D environment.• Use Fire Rush to unleash an inferno that will burn everything in its route!• Roast a feast of medieval creatures like witches, trolls, troops, and monsters.SET FREE THE LEGEND• Train and evolve Legendary Dragons, bizarre dinosaur-monster hybrids.
• Discover incredible special abilities; the more you practice, the crazier the ability!• Participate in Legendary Leagues to compete against peers and foes and become a legend!

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