Idle Railway Tycoon MOD APK v1.520.5086 (Unlimited Money/Unlocked)

Are you ready to build your own railroad empire and become the Railway Tycoon?

Grow your lead as the world’s biggest train station manager. You can make a lot of money from the place if you give the best services.

In this game, you can take on the role of a real stationmaster. You can build more rail lines, improve service, and make more money from your shop. and even set the schedule for the trains! Different trains have to go to different places at different times… But what makes a schedule work well?

– Focus on passengers’ wants
What might the people in your car need? Clear directions on which series of trains leave from the station, comfortable seats in the waiting room, clean bathrooms, more charging stations, and a “leisure zone” and “dining zone” for people to pass the time… Upgrade the station’s services and give people everything they want to get more tips.

-Take care of trainsbr>Unlock more paths, collect more trains, and raise their levels! As the road gets longer and the train gets better, the price of a train ticket will go up. How to make a good schedule, taking into account the wants of your passengers? You are in charge of everything! Figure out the best schedule and become a railroad mogul!

-Make the service more efficient.It takes too long for people to buy tickets and go through the security checkpoint? And the lines don’t move fast enough? Install more self-service ticket machines, add more security checks, and improve the facilities to make the service more efficient! Adding more stations will also help cut down on the time people have to wait. Be careful! If people have to wait too long, they might get angry and leave the stop.Build shops to make more money.
Your guests might want to eat! Small shops with a wider range of goods at the station will make service faster and help you make more money. Of course, you can also open a fast-food restaurant that serves tasty food and has a nice place to sit down.Railway Tycoon is a simulation game with a railroad station as its theme.- The fully automated station lets you make more money while you’re not doing anything. Unlike other simulation games, you don’t have to click “Click Here” all the time. All you have to do in this tycoon strategy game is take care of yourself while you improve the station.
– Get the empty cash, money, and gold coins: the money keeps coming in even when you’re not online.
– Use the money you make from purchases to grow the economy based on stations and make a lot of money. You are going to be rich tomorrow.
– Set up a train schedule to make the most money!
-Different kinds of trains will bring in different amounts of money! We have all of the trains ready for you to pick up.
-Manage trains on over 100 lines like a real stationmaster: use this station simulator to become a railway tycoon!

If you like games where you just sit and do nothing, you’ll love Railway Tycoon. It’s easy, funny, and fun for everyone to play. With careful planning and control of their stations, players can make a lot of money. You can take a simple, small station and turn it into the most luxurious, high-end station in the world by improving its services. And you’ll become the most powerful stationmaster in the world.

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