Infinite Painter APK v7.0.36 MOD (Premium Unlocked)

Try out one of the best painting, sketching, and drawing apps for Chromebooks, tablets, and phones. This app, which has won several awards, is used by millions of artists, whether art is their hobby, interest, or job.

The best pencils in their class
– Simple and easy-to-use design
– Strong and useful tools
Timelapse videos can be shared with friends. Brush strokes can be turned into editable shapes.

REINVENTING BRUSHES: It has hundreds of built-in brushes, realistic brush-to-canvas contact, and more than 100 settings that can be changed.
– Put your best brushes and brush sets in an order and share them.
– Made for stylus devices with full pressure and tilt support – Any brush can have real-time color changes and live effects – Lower layers can be used as samples when blending – Custom brushes and brush sets can be imported and exported

GETTING THE MOST OUT OF YOUR SPACE: More canvas, less clutter, and a clean, adjustable interface
You can assign finger tasks that are different from those of your stylus. You can use a flick to open and close layers.
– Dock brush settings to make editing quick and easy
– Easy access to the eyedropper – Use gestures to rotate and flip the painting
– Put layers together with a pinch.

– Pin tools and actions to the main interface. – Drag the color wheel on the canvas with two fingers. – Add multiple reference pictures.
– Saves and loads in a flash – Project History lets you go back in time

Diversifying Tools: Radial or Kaleidoscope for simple or complicated symmetry
– Use guides or shapes to draw accurately.
– Smart shape detection by stopping while drawing – Innovative hatching guide

– Use five different Perspective Guides to make 3D cityscapes.
– Move the Rectangle and Circle shapes to change how they look.
– Make game art from an isometric point of view

PIXEL-PERFECT EDITING—Projects with a seamless pattern—Selection and Masking tools
– Transformations that lead the industry
Change more than one layer at the same time. Gradient and Pattern Fill tools.
Fill tools can be used on single layers or all layers.
– Drag with the Fill tool or the Magic Wand to change the live tolerance
– Use Timelapse to bring your picture to life.
– Canvas Preview with black and flip (for checking proportions and values)
– Creative work and photocopying – Tools for making patterns

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO MAKE: 64-bit Deep Color when painting; Layer support with 30 blend styles;
– Masks for groups, levels, and changes
Clipping masks Gradient maps, Color Curves, and Filter layers
– The best color fixing in the business – More than 40 live Filter effects
– Masking for focus and tilt-shift – Liquify – Crop and Resize – Pattern and Array tools
– Powerful workplace for making choices
– Smart layers, like those in Photoshop®, let you make multiple changes without losing quality.
– Print settings and CMYK color modes – Solo and Trace modes

SPEED UP YOUR WORK: Import from Photos, Camera, Clipboard, or Image Search. Search over 1 million free images for business use.-Use pictures: Save images as JPG, PNG, WEBP, ZIP, layered PSD files, or Painter projects.
– Add your art to the ever-growing Infinite Painter community and check out what others are making with #InfinitePainter.

– 3 layers at the resolution of the device
– Tools for Solid Fill, Lasso pick, Basic Transform, and Symmetry
– Projects with a seamless pattern
All the built-in brushes and the ability to change them. Smart shape recognition.

– Large HD canvases with lots of layers*
– Changes and real-time Filter layers
– Groups of layers and masks
– More than 40 powerful business tools * How many layers you can have depends on the size of your canvas and device.

Check out what you can do.


Tiffanie Mang
Yong Hong Zhong
Kamila Stankiewicz
Andrew Theophilopoulos and Anthony Jones (RobotPencil) (Theonidas)
@dwight_theartist Piotr Kann
Christopher Rotkevich
Diane Kay Ssecretgarden Gadelhac

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