Invasion Modern Empire MOD APK v1.48.81 (Unlimited Money/Energy/Food)

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Google Play’s Halloween Campaign has changes that are too scary to pass up.





There are new ways to play, special events, and even a special chest.





Invasion is a massively multiplayer online game (MMO) with a war theme that dares you to conquer and fight your way to world dominance during the end of the world.Features:





Fight foes in nail-biting RTS battles to rule the end of the world!




Build your base and make it your own!




Fight for every inch of land and grow the area of your guild!




Upgrading your war strategies and using cutting-edge technology can help you gather information.




Use a real-time virtual map to take control and win!




Fight online in groups and destroy every gang that stands in your way.




Alliance hub has a live chat function to help you find the best team.




“Monument Wars” is a PvP game where groups fight online.






As you march to success, try to become the most powerful military leader in the world. Are you strong enough to live in a world at war?





Get Invasion: Modern Empire now and get ready to fight!





Some game things in Invasion can also be bought with real money. If you don’t want to use this function, you can protect purchases with a password in your Google Play Store app’s settings.

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