Johnny Trigger v1.12.24 MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited Money, VIP Unlocked)

Johnny Trigger: Man of Mayhem Around the World!

In this non-stop platform shooter game, Johnny Trigger is a guy on a mission. He is stylish, deadly, and as smooth as a billiard ball.

Do you have what it takes to take down the mafia’s secret world? Johnny’s motto is “Less talk, more bullets.” He runs, jumps, spins, slides, and keeps shooting until every bad guy is>br> Trigger warning: Johnny is coming!There are thousands of levels of murderous mayhem to fight through, and each one requires a different strategy and quick shooting. Johnny never stops moving, so you only have one chance to shoot when the bad guys line up in your sights.

⚈ But be careful not to hit the prisoners. After all, you’re the hero of this game, not some crazy killer. If you kill a civilian by mistake, you have to start over from the beginning.Hit those bad guys who are hard to get to with the power of physics! Johnny uses trick shots, ricochets, explosions, and even gravity to fight crime……along with lots and lots of guns! There are 57 different weapons to collect, including 11 pistols, 12 SMGs, 9 automatic rifles, 10 superguns, and 4 Ultimate guns with scary powers that are sure to shock the bad guys. There are also 5 base guns, 3 pack guns, and 3 VIP guns for those who want to get everything. In short, a lot of guns to gather, care for, and use to kill gangsters.

⚈ As long as we’re talking about sheds, you can collect keys to open Johnny’s 10 awesome base rooms and use your hammer to turn them into plush hideaways. It turns out that in his spare time, our action hero is quite useful.

⚈ Johnny’s world would be a great place to hang out if there weren’t so many annoying gangsters hiding around every corner. The pictures are great, and the music is great, too. Just think about how nice it will be when you’ve killed all of them.More than 20 stylish skins to help Johnny go underground in the murky underworld of organized crime and then blast the living hell out of it!Boss fights require Johnny to use all of his wits and shooting skills to take out the lords of the underworld in a storm of jumping, spinning bullets.

💣 Want to do something? Johnny is right here!

Jump right in and start firing! Because the levels in Johnny Trigger are short but very fun, it is the perfect action game to play when you have a short break between meetings, talks, or classes. And if you have a little more time, there’s so much to collect and a new task around every corner.

So, why don’t you just do it? You should know that those bad guys won’t beat themselves.


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