Kawaii Mansion Mod APK 0.16.266 (Unlimited stars, gold)

Love cute game art and the thrill of finding things hidden in beautiful scenes? Kawaii Mansion might be a good choice. Join Noah, a nice owner who will show you a great way to design a house while telling you the stories of the guests whose houses you are designing. Why don’t we try something different? (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

How the Game Is Played

Find Hidden Objects and Get Stars (>)
You have to find things in cute game scenes to get stars. You’ll need to listen carefully.

^(#`∀’)_Ψ ★ Various fun Game Modes ★
Change up how you play to keep things interesting:
Basic Keyword Mode is for people who like hidden object games the way they used to be.
Silhouette Mode is good for people who like to do hard things.
Sweep up the dust and have fun. Find the Difference will liven up the game.
And be ready to deal with all of these problems in Flipped mode, which you didn’t expect.

You can make anything you want with the Home Design tool.
Bring out your inner artist and have a good sense of style to take your hard-earned stars in home design to the next level.
Build the big house you’ve always wanted.

(In 3 words) It’s a story that makes you feel good inside.
Watch as Noah tries to get to know everyone who is staying with him. Along the way, you’ll be drawn into interesting “slice of life” stories.

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